A project of the EnviroLink Network

The Commonwealth Islands in Second Life are home to a progressive activist community, where organizations - their staff, boards and volunteers - use the tools and opportunities of Second Life to build capacity, promote progressive values and foster social change. The Commonwealth Group in Second Life includes, in addition, more than 500 individual activists, academics, wonks and geeks who may or may not be affiliated with the member organizations.

At ground level, the Islands are carefully crafted open space ecosystems that encourage community through exploration and shared experience. Meeting spaces (tree platforms, sea-side amphitheaters, campgrounds, etc.) are shared by the member groups for public and private events. Skyboxes provide private meeting space and, at Eikios Commonwealth, demonstrate principles of sustainability.

Come visit! Individuals are welcome to explore and join the group. Organizations are welcome to apply to become a member of the community. Modest fees contribute a share of ongoing server expenses.