Places to Relax, Things to Do & Learn

A selection from the Four Commonwealth Islands in Second Life

Welcome! There are many things to see and do and learn. We've linked to *some* to help you find your own favorite places; in expectation that you will enjoy, come back and bring your friends.  For event notices delivered direct to your avatar, find "Commonwealth" through the SL search function and 'Join.'  To help us build community, open your Profile and add your favorite Commonwealth landmark to your Picks. Read about the member organizations with a  presence on Commonwealth.


Commonwealth 1 - Eikios Sponsored by Northwest Solar Center at Washington State University

Explore possible energy futures. Find micro-hydro systems, bio-diesel production station, nuclear reactor containment vessel, undersea turbines, the Exxon-Valdez!                                  

Attend a fall series of in-world interviews with real world trendsetters in energy, ecology and economics. Coming soon.                                                                                  

Look out on the Commonwealth sims from Glacier Point Overhang

Relax with friends and enjoy Bridal Veil Falls                                                                   

Commonwealth 2 

Ride the Demo Horses from the Commonwealth Corral (or buy your own)

Commonwealth 3

Visit the info kiosks at Commonwealth Village and on or just above the beach.  

Attend a concert or watch a film at Commonwealth Amphitheater by-the-sea.     

Commonwealth Central Amphitheater is home to Outlook: The Open Forum for Policy, Politics & Progress, produced with our partners, In-World Studios and Neo-Modern Entertainment.    

Meditate at the Peacemaker Zendo. Watch an inspirational video, practice tai chi session with a group or on your own, exchange views in a Conversation Cafe, or throw the IChing in the Zen Teahouse. 

Drum and Dance by the fire overlooking the beach.Surf, windsurf and swim at Teahupoo Beach.

Visit the interactive Commonwealth pups. If they haven't gotten loose again* Abbey, Bonnie, Doc, Thoreau and Seldom Seen are in their corral. Gracie has been known to visit.

Commonwealth 4 

Wander the rolling hills and streams, find the Redwood forest.